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Gabriola Island is one of the Gulf islands situated in the Georgia Strait between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. This sandstone island is unusual in that erosion has produced singular formations in the stone. It was a First Nation's summer camping ground and midden and petroglyphs (possibly as old as 2-3,000 B.C.) can be seen here. Gabriola has three shopping centres, doctor, dentist, marinas and many dining and wining places.

Drumbeg House, our studio, home, and B and B is situated at the east end of the island (14km from the ferry). It is called Drumbeg House because it is on the edge of Drumbeg Provincial Park (1km away). This park was named after Drumbeg, Sutherland, Scotland, the ancestral home of Mr. Stalker whose land the park once was. Its waters are part of the proposed Marine Heritage Site and are said by scuba divers to be one of the best sites in the world.

Besides Drumbeg Park there are two other provincial Parks on the island where seals, bald eagles, otters and a wide variety of ducks greet you.

A Dreamer of Small Dreams

Oh I am a dreamer of small dreams.
No house in Mayfair for me nor
castle in Spain, or in Tuscany.
Are there castles in Tuscany?
Mine not to dream of heroes
on white horses (nearly an anagram of heroes),
see there I get distracted.
Distracted by the beans pushing
through - I dream of them
climbing the poles I have set ready,
and the new pea sprouts - I dream
they will cover the wire fence.
I dream of my brushes that will
paint a really good green pepper
and I dream of my dreams that
they might give forth a good
line for a poem everyday.
Oh I am a dreamer of small dreams
on my small island of no significance.

©Naomi Beth Wakan (this may not be reproduced without written permission)

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